• Try using fractions instead of decimals and the given values of the constants in calculations so that your answer is accurate and does not get out of the error threshold
  • Units are not necessary in the answer. We will tell you which unit to represent your answer in, then submit just the value.
  • The problems will be open for submissions after the contest ends so that you can try problems you could not during the contest
  • All questions are in English. However, you can use the clarification section for asking any query about any term.
  • Leaderboard will be open after the contest ends so that you can see your position. And there is some irony there.


The contest will start on April 25, 2021 at 3:00pm UTC+6:00 and will run for 2 hours 30 minutes .


  • Be fair, be honest.
  • Judges’ decisions will be final.
  • Some problems may have a submission limit. If so, that will be mentioned above the problem statement.


The contents of this contest, as prepared by its organizer, may not have been reviewed by Gonitzoggo and does not necessarily represent Gonitzoggo's views.

Smartians of Science Mock Physics Olympiad


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